Very first post!

I Have A Secret

Hey Internet!

Let me Introduce myself… I’m Ashlee, 30 years old, born and raised in Texas. I’ve been thinking of starting this for years and something always stopped me. Probably because I have the attention span of peanut topped off with severe indecisiveness.

This blog is going to serve as somewhat of a Journal for me. I chose the name Secret Me because dammit I got a lot of secrets. Majority of them , I’ve never told a soul. Never been a need.. I’m a loner. But I’m older and I’ve grown. Now I got to get shit off my chest.

I’ll be covering a crap load of random topics and true experiences ranging from random rants, astrology, paranormal shit, motherhood, my personal family drama, addictions, and some stories where I may or may not have committed a crime.

Stay tuned as I’ll be adding more content as the days come.

Lets Do This Thing- Ash

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