Oh the FEELS !

Hey world! what’s going on hope all is well in your neck of the woods. So talk about A Series of Unfortunate Events.Whenever life hands me lemons, I try to make damn good lemonade. But that’s not the norm. I have been unusually optimistic lately. Definatly a good change to my naturally fuck my life pessimistic attitude. I haven’t written in a few weeks now. Thought I would change that tonight. My ADHD never lets me complete a task in the day time, no matter how hard I try. So here’s where I sit my fat ass down and change that. here and Trust me I have a crap load of content I need to release. So in no particular order…

  • I met a man. I know I know ! I can’t believe it myself! After I got my detective on ( cuz I had to make sure he wasn’t a criminal or any class of pervert) and found he has a clean background…NO Kids, NEVER served any hard time. Or soft time.. And dude has a JOB! AlI I had was his first name to work with. San Antonio P.D is honestly missing out on some prime talent. My natural instincts,a fire in my belly, and an unnatural urge to expose all things mysterious and hidden makes me question my career path. I need to be a Private Eye LOL anyway back to me., HOnestly can’t believe how rare and lucky a find he is. Although I feel he is hiding something, or someone. Whenever he gets off work I never hear from him the rest of the night. I’ve been on the phone when he orders drive through and he orders 2 large size meals. He’s a little chunky but got damn that’s one hell of an appetite if that is all for him. I asked him and he said 1 is for him the other for his dog; a black lab. I call BULLSHIT. Straight up! I’ve been single for so long a relationship seems like a set up!
  • The Death of legend Kobe Bryant So this one hit me HARD.Not sure why.Im not a basketball fan. I can’t tell you if he’s famous for his jump shot or or his 3 pointers. I don’t know shit. What I do know is this is a god loving family man. My heart hurts for his people, his daughters, his wife, his family whom he left behind. And I think it’s sickening that the media all of a sudden wanted to discuss his previous legal issues in the early 2000s the man is dead and just like Lisa Leslie is today that we have had many years? Him on this alleged assault but now you choose to bring it up after his death like WTF are y’all thinking that is just sick is really sick I also believe the legacies of the other families and children that perished in the crash are being pushed aside and forgotten do it big love and respect Kobe and his daughter gigi Bryant are being received with. now to get to the point..On Maur baby metaphysical spiritual iPhone literally every time I see footage of the pre-crash or the phases of Kobe and his daughter and mine is something really funny strange to me when I see your face if I can text her what does DNA have been like inside a helicopter as it’s going down I can picture call Gigi freaking out telling her dad how scared she is she’s going to die what do I do dad and I picture him just grabbing her face and saying look we’re going to crush brace yourself everything’s going to be okay look at me don’t look away look at me look at me and she is scared he scared to but Kathy strong he knows We’re Goin Down he knows what kind of dye paint he knows but just stay strong for his daughter they saying prayers are saying God please protect cold passengers have to collect or terrified on the next thing you know my head I just see the fuge fiery infinity or I can’t I had to stop watching the news I had to stop watching TV explained to my mom best these thoughts fastbacks whatever you call them and she said oh your chest fancy that picture of mother and you know that something that you would do but I’m not totally sure about thatAre collagen pills a day people psychic mediums Etc but I do have the second gift hang out with I experienced this in any shape or form I could envision but it wouldn’t surprise me you’re very analytical type person. Ination for this is really bothering me. so moving onREST IN PEACE
  • The Coronavirus I don’t know where to start. I firmly believe that the government is lying to their people into the rest of the world and I think WHO it may be involved in it also. This particular conspiracy I am totally buying there’s been a video that recently went viral of a Chinese nurse in the hospital in her full Biohazard outfit in the video she’s talking about how and practicing more than 90,000 s NADA 2014 and she urged Chinese citizens to definitely not go outside if they don’t have to this was back in early January because she was also stating do not go into large groups and not to attend any Chinese New Year celebration because if you deal most likely you will not be around for the next Chinese New Year and that was an eye-opener for me finish the video asking for donations and supplies like clothes and food and whatnot and I will honestly believe her. I’m going to do some fact-checking and get back to the topic later.
  • the Trump impeachment trial They found him innocent and it’s complete bull shit. How did this happen with clear supporting evidence of his guilt. This is a very powerful man with power. It makes those power plays very well known. I guess I had been oblivious to the amount of pool President Trump truly has in the White House and with supporters but I can also say that Democratic party’s agenda is an illusion and they’re really about that money .it’s unfortunate Bernie Sanders the fan is caught in the crossfire. What is the government is a joke u.s. politics is a joke president is a joke. Must be one of those inside jokes that we all got to laugh at.

Everything  my world has been pretty okay I guess I can’t complain things could have been better but they most definitely could have been worse.  so  until next time folks stay magical

– Ashlee

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