If The Purge Was Real

In this edition of kids say the darndest things, my darling daughter informed me that if there wasn’t a purge she would save Grandpa Joe and purge me!

“ME?” I asked “Yes most definitely you.” She replied

I was honestly flabbergasted and confused because here I am, her mother giver of life maker of dinner, buyer of things and yet I’m not worthy to be saved on such a hypothetical Purge Day. So let’s see how this plays out. She’s going to save the old man huh.

Facts..He’s old, he’s slow, he has half a brain, probably doesn’t remember it is Purge Day. The chances of him getting confused and purging himself is HIGHLY LIKELY.

Me …THE FACTS …I’m young, also slow, fat but smart & resourceful. I can drive almost any vehicle. Be it a car, 18 wheeler, or motorcycle, I can get us away. Im fast exceptionally handy with a gun. These may seem like excellent reasons to keep me around on Purge Day. No the child has spoken. It was a good run. R.I.P. to me.

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