Don’t knowwho needs to see this but..


2019 Recap

Happy Freaking New Year!

And thank God 2020 is OVER. I must tell y’all though…the psychic community on YouTube say 2021 is going to be one big fuckfest with NO KY Jelly! Don’t say I never warned you.

A lot of changes have happened since my last post. Pandemic hits the US, widespread Unemployment, school closures, death of my step mother,overall good vibes from my emotionally unavailable mother ! HolyH-E-DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS that in its self is groundbreaking. I also gain some pounds and oddly gained more self confidence. I was pretty much the Queen of the Quarantine .

I really want to take this blogging stuff seriously because my 2021 horoscope keeps telling me that it’s in my best interest to pursue a blog or a write a book. I have toyed the idea for a long time so I think I’m just gonna do that shit… before life passes me by and I miss out on a solid opportunity to elevate myself.

Brandon came to town the week of Labor Day and he promised me he wouldn’t ghost me like he did last visit and I believed him but that didn’t go as planned. We met up dinner had a little bit of Coke and 10 and see him for the rest of the trip. For you don’t know me my tongue is a sword and I will slashyou to pieces when I feel like a shit on me. Call me from the airport tell him he was leaving and I just let them have it I feel kind of bad afterwards but sick of this like I arranged for the kid to be gone I blacked out this whole weekend so it just be me and him I had activities planned and he just dipped again so annoying.

Somewhere in between October and Thanksgiving I got access back into my Facebook account after changing my password while I was high and I didn’t write it down so that was really stupid and stumbled on Facebook dating. I actually met a really good guy and we’ve been dating since then. He’s from North Carolina 28 years old has a steady job since I have a shit together I don’t know why you wanna fuck with me so I know what he says I’m the prettiest girl he’s ever dated it’s kind of funny that I am literally at the largest most hefty-ish size I have ever been in my life but I am getting so much dick play.

Christmas rolled around and I actually wasn’t a Grinch this year. I felt really good. I bought presents for everyone and really got in the Christmas spirit. We even put up Christmas lights for the first time in five years that was amazing. It’s the little things people.